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Professional Photoshoots Houston, TX

At Sauce Clique Studio we provide professional photography for bands and musicians as well as the general public. We've photographed several musicians, performers and bands in studio and during live performances as well as special location requests. 

Our studio is equipped with lighting, backdrops, a green room and state of the art technology to make your photos suite your needs.  Our in house photographer John John Wya Tho has a creative eye that makes him unique in the field and gives him a competitive edge. John John also aids in managing the interviews, lighting, digital art design and storyboarding here at Sauce Clique Studio. 

For booking information, hours and rates, please call us at (832) 978-2023 or fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Have your own photographer and just need to make use of our amazing studio? Book our photo room. Hourly rates are available. Call us for more information.

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